F2p customers welcome to Kinguin!

Good news! Fast2play and Kinguin have united! From now on fast2play is a part of the Kinguin Family. Stay tuned, the transfer will occur on November 2!

Kinguin is a platform with over 14,000 products and 10,000 games sold daily. We serve over 200 countries and have more than 130,000 active customers each day. We are one of the biggest and most popular platforms of this kind in the gaming industry.

All our clients can always count on awesome deals and promotions! Although what keeps them close to us is the stability, safety and security of every transaction, customer support 24/7 and access to many opportunities like dedicated programs, such as Kinguin Mafia - a simple and free to join affiliate program, or Kinguin Premium Membership which offers many advantages and benefits. What kind of benefits? Former fast2play customers will find out pretty soon!


You don't have to do anything. Your login and password will remain the same, and we'll merge your Balance and purchase history. All in one place!


Kinguin prepared a welcome gift!


All former fast2play clients will get 3 months Premium Membership free of charge!

Over 90 days of 10% storewide discount, priority on pre-orders and support tickets. Three months packed with special discounts, dedicated offers, giveaways, competitions and free game for a good start!

Let’s celebrate! It’s good to have you with us!