New Dark Souls 2 trailer

FromSoftware released some new info on the sequel to Dark Souls II overnight at the Tokyo Game Show. There is some good news and some bad news…



Good news first? PC will release after console versions. Why is that good news I hear you cry? Well you know the the curses from the last game? they make a return as a central theme to the sequel. So us PC gamers can remain sane for a little while longer.

According to a Eurogamer report, game director Yui Tanimura hopes to release the PC edition in the same launch window. “For the PC version we’re simply saying March – we’re trying our best for PC and console,”

He also stated the reason for the delay is the optimisation of the PC version, which is fine by me (as long as they stick by March) because as we all know the Dark Souls PC port is one of the worst ever created, but thankfully modders came to the rescue and saved it.

Some other important information was released at the same time. You can now be invaded while hollowed. Players will be able to summon players for periods longer than a boss battle. The period will be determined by the size of a player’s White Soapstone, which will be depleted as the summoned player kills enemies in the host player’s world. That is my personal most awaited feature. I love helping out friends in their hour of need. It was always a bit sad when you were sent back to your own world as you didn't even get a chance to celebrate. In reference to the earlier curse mention, players who die while hollowed will see a gradual depletion of their health bar until they use a Human Effigy unit, which will replace the Humanity in Dark Souls.

So there we have it Dark Souls seems to have taken a bit from Demons Souls in the fact of being penalised other than losing humanity and souls when you die. I’m quite scared.

Dark Souls 2 launches on consoles March 11th and 14th in North America and Europe respectively.