Dark Souls 2 - Crown of the Sunken King

You have probably died numerous times already. Death has defined your journey. Death has been your only true companion. You are less than human but more than mortal.

July 22, 2014 today is the release of the first DLC of Dark Souls named Crown of the Sunken Kind. It and two other DLCs are featured in the Dark Souls 2 Season Pass. The story takes place in the sunken Necropolis of Shulva. As intimidating as Dark Souls enemies can be, there are plenty of new undead and reptilian creatures waiting to challenge you.

To access the DLC you must examine an item, called Dragon Talon, you have already received upon purchasing the DLC or the Season Pass, then defeat the Rotten boss and examine an obelisk situated nearby. Use your Drangon Talon to open a portal and step into the new world.


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