PC COD Ghosts better?

Infinity Ward say PC COD Ghosts will be better than next gen console versions

Unsurprisingly Infinity Ward say the Call Of Duty Ghosts PC version will be a lot better than the next gen consoles. Of course to us this is a blatantly obvious piece of information but it seems there is a reason why they mention it.

The PC version will feature its own assets and textures so finally we might get a COD that looks half decent. Though I am very surprised that next gen consoles can't run a game with similar quality and effects as the PC version is I'm sure Ghosts cannot be of that higher fidelity on PC, if that is the case it looks like next gen is already fighting a losing battle .With the sort of specs next gen is throwing around they should do a good job. Next gen consoles seem to be on par with a lot of low to mid-range PCs.

I am not complaining though it is always good when a developer acknowledges the superior power of PC gaming and takes advantage of it to create the optimum experience for their game. We have games like the ARMA series that are exclusive to PC and really look like it to with the features they have. ARMA 3 is one of the best looking games I have ever seen, just search for ARMA 3 screenshots and you’ll be asking yourself are they in game or real life.

So here’s hoping Infinity Ward can pull off a miracle and make COD look like it was made this decade rather than the last.