Team Empire at the bootcamp in Moscow!

We are happy to announce that from June 22 till July 02 Team Empire players gathered at the bootcamp in Moscow to prepare for the major championships on Dota 2 - The International 2015.

Every day from early morning they trained with the other teams in this discipline in order to improve their skills.

The team played several official matches at the online event EsportalDota 2 League against teams 4 Anchors (Finland) and 4 Clover & Lepricon (Europe). Empire won in both faceoffs.

The team didn't remain without attention and fans. For them during the boot camp the team organized a special meeting where they could talk to the players, ask questions, take pictures and get autographs. So many people came at this meeting. Players didn`t refuse to anyone and talked happily to all who came.

At the end every fan of Team Empire received a nice souvenir from the team, whether it is a T-shirt, players autograph, or something else. Fans were happy and will remember the meeting with their idols.

Team Empire players left the bootcamp on July 02 and got some break before the World Championship. But after a few days they will continue their training because their goal is to be among the best at The International 2015.