Top 5 games from Star Wars universe

5. Star Wars - The Force Unleashed 1 and 2



Star Wars action slasher game? Why not! Especially when you get a completely new hero, who is not only Vader’s pupil but also one of the most powerful Jedis out there. Starkiller* was first found on planet Kashyyyk, and turned into Dark Side apprentice. This is the beginning of an epic tale of power and… well a lot of slashing with lightsabres. Both parts of Force Unleashed are classic slasher games in which you are tasked with dispatching tons of enemies. With time you grow in power, gaining new abilities and moves, enabling you to tackle even biggest of the enemies. Awesome presentation and good storyline made this series of Star Wars games absolute bestsellers - up to this day it’s fastest and best selling game in SW franchise.

* fun fact - Starkiller was originally planned as Luke’s name, later to be changed to Starwalker.

4. Star Wars: Republic Commando

Released in 2005 for PCs and first Xbox console Republic Commando remains one of the best games in Star Wars universe and also a mighty good First Person Shooter. This time you don’t play as a Force user instead taking a role of a titular Republic Commando - one of elite troops tasked with the most dangerous missions. When troopers and Jedis fight in the frontline, commandos go undercover, trying to destroy enemy defences and wreak havoc in their lines. Great graphics (a bit dated today) coupled with amazing gameplay resulted in a great game worth trying out.

3. Star Wars: Jedi Academy

Sequel to sequel - Jedi Academy is an expansion to Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. This time however authors opted for a completely new character  instead of Kyle Katarn (hero of Jedi Knight series). The apprentice, called Jaden Korr, trains under Luke’s watchful eye in the Jedi Academy, until one day, during a training missions he (or she - you can also play as a female) witnesses Dark Jedis snatching a Jedi artifact right from under the nose of Luke and his pupils.

Up to this date Jedi Academy is THE game for lightsabre lovers. None other gave you so much freedom when fighting, using different style and also - different lightsabres. Besides normal, one-handed sabre you were able to fight wielding dual swords or even sabre-staff popularized by infamous Darth Maul in Episode I.  Even after all those years Jedi Academy still holds up as a fun, well written action game, and one of the best Star Wars games out there.

2. Star Wars: The Old Republic

This was almost the biggest disaster in Star Wars games history. And also - it could have been the most expensive one. Star Wars: The Old Republic, Massively Multiplayer Online game set in times 3000 years before Luke, Leia, Yoda or Vader supposedly costed more than 300 MILLION (!!!) dollars. This huge project was launched very smoothly, but shortly after player numbers started to dwindle. Everything changed when Sony (publisher of the game) decided to make SW:TOR a Free-to-Play game. The Old Republic came back from near-death as servers filled with tons of new players. It’s a classic MMO, very similar to WoW but it comes with a twist - every campaign for every single class in the game was a fully voiced and played like a single-player title. This makes SW:TOR the only MMO that can be played and enjoyed fully when playing solo.



1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2  



By far the most praised of all Star Wars games, Knights of the Old Republic is a classic RPG made by famous Bioware Studios. Bioware is reknown for their amazing storytelling skills, and also for creating interesting gameplay mechanics. And by Yoda - they did deliver!  Up to this day both parts of the Knights of the Old Republic are considered among the best of Star Wars fiction. Like Star Wars: The Old Republic KOTOR is set in the titular period long, long time before history known from The Saga. It was a time when the universe was full of Jedis and Siths, fighting a war for control of the Galaxy. KOTOR brought not only an involving story but also a cast of fantastic characters, loved by all true SW fans like  Jedi Master Bastilla, Sith Lords Revan and Malak or funny and lethal HK-47 assassin robot - discussions with the latter are still considered one of the funniest in Star Wars. Both parts of Star Wars: knights of the Old Republic remain one of the best games set in this awesome universe. if you consider yourself a true fan you are morally obliged to try them out. You won’t regret.