Battlefield 4 BETA Insights

As many of you might know, the Beta for Battlefield 4 ended some time ago. According to DICE the people who played Battlefield 4 "did their jobs".

DICE has found a list of glitches, bugs and other things which will be fixed before release date, which is October 29th. Not so surprisingly, most the the fixes were related to PC optimization.

The most common problem was low framerate and stuttering. DICE employee Vincent Vukovic stated "Rest assured, we are using the information we received to optimize the performance for the launch of the game. We also released three game client updates and a number of server updates during the Beta to help address some of these issues, and to gather more information for a smoother launch".

Other common bugs were stalling on the loading screen and extreme processor usage for dual, quad and six-cored ones. Vukovic said that "It was a true, successful Beta and the crash reports will help us make a better game for release".

The real question is; will DICE have enough time to fix everything to a good state before launch, in under two weeks?

We will find out in less than two weeks...