ARMA 3 releases September 12th!

ARMA is a lot of things to a lot of people. To some it’s a military simulator to others it’s the zombie wasteland survival simulator DayZ.

To everyone though the game was ‘quirky’, odd design decisions were made but all these shortfalls have been well and truly dealt with in ARMA 3.

I played in the alpha and beta and it really has come on leaps and bounds from ARMA 2. Something I can’t get over every time I start it up is how beautiful it looks. The demo island Stratis is something truly to behold. I like to take screenshots in games as a little personal scrapbook but I find I spend hours on end in the scenario creator making set pieces to photograph. I am not the only one either the developers Bohemia Interactive started a competition for the best photos taken in game and some of them were truly exceptional. A lot of them were difficult to tell between real life and fiction, you know when a game is on that level that you have something that is quite special.

Though first and foremost ARMA is a military simulator and it does that perfectly. The gameplay feels a lot more satisfying than its predecessor. Not to mention the brand new character animations that just really help add to the realism ARMA tries to strive towards. I honestly find it difficult to pick out anything that is disappointing in ARMA 3 and for a self-admitted cynic like me that is no mean feat.

With the brand new more ‘modern’ approach to this iteration of ARMA the new players among us will find it easier than ever to get into the game. Though it is recommended you find a group of people to play with because of the way the game focusses on teamwork, random people online though are thankfully good at communicating and make it easy to work together.

So if you are a veteran or newcomer to the ARMA series it is certainly worth checking out (I personally can’t wait to take more screenshots!).