Anyone Can Sell on Kinguin

New era has begun! As of today anyone can sell games on Kinguin, not only professional merchants. By selling any spare game you have on Kinguin you get balance which you can spend on other games you want!

To start selling click  c2c_sell.png at the top of the page.

1. Find your Game

We have ready made template for every game! Just find the one you are about to sell.

2. Set the Price

Set your price and paste your key or Steam gift! The system will adjust final price seen by customer and give you tips on current offers by other sellers.

3. Congratulations!

The money you’ve earned can be spent on Kinguin to purchase amazing games from other community members. Kinguin is a vibrant marketplace with high daily traffic. Your game should be sold in no time!

Few more things to remember:

  1. As a seller, you are able to post 5 keys at a time. When one of them is sold, you can add another one to the total of 5.
  2. Money will be released to you only if product is confirmed to be working by a customer.
  3. Customer’s transaction fees are identical to those of professional merchants.

Happy gaming everyone!