Kinguin For Charity - Day 2 - 16th Part II Recap

As round of 16 ended, we could already cherish upon the marvelous line-up that is going to appear in the round of eight, however we have to first pay our respects to those who got eliminated as we owe them a lot for bringing such interesting games into the tournament!

Neirea vs DTwo:

The first Bo5 featured two players that are commonly known to the Hearthstone audience; however their amazing skill is always covered in shadow due to so many remarkable streaming figures. If we were to describe the match between Neirea and DTWo, it would easily fall under a category that said “Go Warrior or go home”. Warrior has been a breaking force in the Kinguin for Charity tournament and Neirea has definitely proved us why with his Dr. Boom into Whirlwind/Baron Geddon combination. DTwo still managed to put up a serious fight, especially in game one where his Paladin showed that Sword of Justice into Muster for Battle is a actually a combo to be reckoned with.

Amaz vs Arfdota:

Game number two featured the crowd’s favorite – Amaz – facing off against Arfdota, who won the digital ticket auction. Our brave challenger tried his best to bring one of the biggest competitors down, however some of his in-game decisions did not bring him a lot of value and every time there was a little misstep, Amaz would take an advantage of it. We have to jump back to the Warrior argument yet again, as this one particular class is outshining almost everything it faces right now. To the surprise of many Amaz went for a Mage. This is where one could safely assume that Arfdota had a new type of a Mage deck up in his sleeve that had higher chances of beating one of Amaz’s decks. There is also one thing that is worth mentioning, Amaz concluded the round of 16 for his organization – Archon Gaming – in a smooth 9-0 style.

Gaara vs Savjz:

There is but one thing that requires to be mentioned in this match: Gaara deserves the credit where it’s due. The member of TempoStorm brought Shaman as the only player in the entire tournament. We have to mention that Gaara is widely considered to be the best western Shaman player out there; however his go-to deck did not manage to bring any victories home. Savjz, on the other hand, decided to put his hopes in Druid, who has been one of the three most dominant classes in the entire tournament. Dr. Boom, Piloted Shredders and Piloted Sky Golems are becoming staple cards in the up and coming post-GVG meta game. We can see it in almost every single Druid deck and they seem to be working great with the curve. Admittedly, Savjz was the next player not to show any other deck besides the one that has almost been picked out by most professional players.

StrifeCro vs Frezzar:

If there is one player that I will never question when it comes to innovations and tech choices, it is got to be StrifeCro. His Paladin is bringing a completely twist to the tournament and there is a fair chance most of the players that are left in the tournament are breaking their heads on the more aggressive version of Paladin that was presented by C9’s StrifeCro. Frezzar did put up a valiant effort to stay in the game, especially with his Mage deck, which to the surprise of many wasn’t a fully robotized deck. It also seemed as if StrifeCro’s Paladin was able to take the game from the ever powerful Warrior. There is a lot of great things that are yet to come from the juggernaut of Cloud 9 as Paladin is most definitely not his only innovation.