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Buy Battlefield Hardline + 3 Gold Battlepacks Origin CD Key

EA Origin
Region free

Includes: Battlefield Hardline, 3 Gold Battlepacks

It's a Cops vs Criminals World. You can raid vaults or save hostages. Which side of the law do you want to ride with?

Each Gold Battlepack contains 5 items: 2 Advanced items, 2 Standard items, and a bonus 5th item.

  • Standard: Weapon Attachment Vouchers, Weapon Paints, and XP Boosts.
  • Advanced: Weapon Attachment Vouchers, Weapon Paints, Patches, Emblems, Avatars, and XP Boosts.
  • Superior: Vehicle Paints, Outfits, Loadouts, Patches, and XP Boosts.
  • Distinguished: Outfits, Loadouts, Patches, and Melee Weapons


A Thrilling New Battlefield playground.
In multiplayer,...

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