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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - Shogun Set XBOX 360 CD Key

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - Shogun Set XBOX 360 CD Key
Action Adventure RPG
XBOX 360
Region free
Release date: 11 Feb, 2014
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  • Beschrijving
  • Activation details

Shogun Set gives:

  • Locked ability: Guard Lv. 2, Attack Lv. 2
  • Maximum ATB: 0
  • Default ATB: 100%
  • Critical Regen (20 secs)

Garbs are costumes in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and are an integral part of the Schema system. One feature allows players to change the garments' color via a color wheel in a customization menu. The garb the player has set as default is the one Lightning wears on the field (sans pre-rendered video scenes). Garbs also have certain locked abilities, auto-abilities, and stats; thus choosing a suitable garb can give the player a strategic advantage in battle.

When equipped with a costume from another Final Fantasy game, Lightning will be granted special sound effects, victory poses, and victory fanfares originating from the costume's respective game.

Key activation

  1. Go to

  2. Login to your account

  3. Hover over your account link (the top right of the screen) a menu will appear, click on the "Redeem Code" button.

  4. On the next page, click "Redeem"

  5. Enter your code

  6. Click "Confirm"

  7. Click "Confirm" again to assign the key to your account.

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