Who Wants To Map The World ? - ReRoll game

It is almost too ridiculous to be true. Can you imagine making a map of our planet in almost 1:1 and making it a game arena? We are about to enter new stage of evolution in gaming.

About two weeks ago we were writing about a Polish company that created a technology able to make perfect 3d scans of buildings. Now, Julien Cuny and Louis-Pierre Pharand, former producers and creative directors at Ubisoft on Assassin’s Creed and FarCry, have formed a new development studio named PIXYUL and set their goal to transfer the whole Earth into a digital world using... drones.

Sounds crazy but this video proves that they are serious:

In my opinion a survival game set in the "real" world is an awesome idea - you can prepare yourself for a real apocalypse.

The surface of the Earth is an area that approximately 510 072 000 km2. 71% of it is water that doesn't need to be scaned. Drones fly at a maximum speed of 35 km/h. Even if they want to forgo scanning Antarctica, which is bigger than Europe, it gives us (after some short calculations)... a f***ing long time! And a pile of money. That's why they are focusing on BRICK 1 right now - the first playable area - and then they are going to add larger areas in game updates. Where is it going to be? For sure not in US, as long as FAA establishes rules about the commercial use of drones, which is planned for 2015.

Right now, PIXYUL is nothing more than its two founders, and they’re turning to crowdfunding to get the money they need to make the game. They’re not using Kickstarter, but running everything through their own site selling future game characters and bundles.

I have to admit that "scanning whole planet" is too futuristic and absurd for my mind. But even if they will scan only one country (I don't mind it being somewhere in Europe) it still will be larger than any game map I've ever seen (as long they don't map Vatican). If you wan't to know more about their project visit FAQ on their site. 

And if you want to challenge your survival skills right now, check RUST on Kinguin.net: