Treat For Tweet #2

Here is your chance to win Batman: Arkham Knight – one of the best and most eagerly awaited superhero video games ever!

We have 5 Steam keys to give away! How can you get one of them? It’s simple:
tweet why you should get it and use the #BatmanKinguinKnight hashtag above it and you are set! You can also make additional entries to make your chance of winning the game even higher!

The Bat is back in Town!

Days of terror are about to come, and once again Gotham will need you… You are destined for great things. Honour the Wayne Family legacy and stand up for your City in its darkest hour. Be strong and remember: it is the good and great men who stand up for Gotham when others turn and run.

There’s no time to lose -become a hero that Gotham deserves!

Treat for Tweet! #2

Winners will be announced on 24th of June

To collect your prize please contact us on [email protected] within 7 days from announcing the winners!