Countdown to Rise of the Tomb Raider Giveaway!

Kinguin's generosity knows no limits!

The first big title from 2016 - The Rise of the Tomb Raider comes in 8 days! Be the first to grab your pre-order copy now with a 10EUR cashback voucher!

How to join the giveaway? Buy anything you like from Kinguin (storewide), cross your fingers and get lucky on the very next day!

When? Every day we will choose 5 lucky winners and announce it on the wall. 40 winners total will get 10 EUR cashback voucher! Winners will be announced in the blog post on the next day and contacted via e-mail 
Last winners will be chosen at 28.01.2016.

What’s the reward? One of the best selling titles from 2015 on Xbox and Xbox 360! The epic sequel to the 2013 Tomb Raider comes to PC at the end of the January. The action-adventure game, with the most iconic and attractive heroine Lara Croft, features new redesigned combat, with stealth and sneak attacks and immersive gaming environment.


*you can use your 10EUR cashback voucher only with the Pre Order of The Rise of the Tomb Raider till 31.01.2016 incl

**the giveaway ends @ 31.01.2016

Winners from 20/1/2016:

V.Dombajova ; Order Number : ....B923B1B
D. Hewgill ; Order number: ....663C5FE
V.Wayneard ; Order number: ....D0876B6
B.Elmas; Order Number : ....05229722
J.Joris; Order NUmber: ....F996E1A0

Winners from 21/1/2016:

E. Rivera -Order number ....DC94189

K. Brophy; Order number ....67DB86B
T.Cavallo; Order number ....967BC5E8
A. Thörnblom; Order number ....E2878F54
N. Rodrigues; Order number ....B0F353D

Winners from 22/1/2016

J.Strickland; Order number: .....2E4A8E9
L. López; Order number: ....52D25B7
L. Castillo; Order number: ....4F7DE67E
B. Borba; Order number: ....B595FDDD
T. Sawicki; Order number: ....B4BB1484

Winners from 23/1/2016

G. Beem; Order number: ....C82B427
S. Piir; Order number: ....DFF6069
Yu-S. Korving; Order number: ....2C177F71
F. Ju
nker: Order number: ....5B5F83B5
W. Kornfeld; Order number: ....ABD94EB1

Winners from 24/1/2016

M. Jevremovic; Ordre number: ....E39F813
S. Lukitsch; Order number: ....A6F3BBC
C. Caussanel; Order number: ....7EC7A056
O. Odot; Order number: ....FB788A72
L. Fra; Order number: ....5CE64A63

Winners from 25/1/2016

P. Pilz; Order number: ....EC1C0D7
K. Kaczka; Order number: ....9E162DE6
J. Muñoz; Order number: ....719329DA
M. Santana; Order number: ....F850DE7
H. Kostwinder; Order number: ....5ADF0526


Winners from 26.1.2016

 D.Magee; Order number: ....DB62EA8

R.Seppänen; Order number: ....A3DD63D
R.Monde; Order number: ....0CCC092
M.Schuster; Order number: ....AE8D5771
A.Markmann; Order number: ....4A98F13


Winnners from 27.1.2016

 B.Hoskens; Order number: ....7401A91

M.Garcia; Order number: ....F830D704
M.Iecher; Order number: ....69EBAD14
A.Miong Lin; Order number: ....0E8FE4E2
T.Alexandre; Order number: ....5D13FD0