Movies vs. Reality - displays

Terminator, Back to the Future Part II, Escape from L.A. - what is the connection between those movies? In every of them we can see different ways of future anticipation and especially- technology. Most of "technology of the future" is already our past. Today I will focus on their vision of displays.

The Terminator
Release - 1984
Technology from year 2029

This is one of Science-Fiction classics. In 1984 governor Arnold was an android from the future (to be specific from year 2029) and, excluding super strength, had one advantage - super red eye that could display annotation to currently visible situation. Sounds familiar? Thanks to Google Glass and Epson BT-200 if Schwarzenegger would like to attack Kyle Reese again, humanity would not be so powerless.
Btw, have you ever wondered why they didn't send army of cats to defeat him?


Back to the Future Part II
Release - 1989
Technology from 21st October 2015

Ok, maybe we don't have flying skateboards (yet). Nor flying cars(yet). Nor people dressed in weird disco clothes(thank you world). However, do you remember holographic ad of Jaws 19? Holograms technology is closer than you think, and in the matters of years (if not even months) such advertisments should be part of our life.
Unfortunately the same scene showed us one bad think about the future - using brand name to release tons of movies about the shark just because first movie was good - do you feel similarity with Call of Duty series?


Escape from L.A.
Release - 1996
Technology from year 2013

Well... One-eyed Kurt Russel is trying to rescure Utopia(President's daughter) from prisoncity L.A. Fun to watch,forget and don't talk about it anymore. But one thing that is interesting is their vision of pocked projector - twin brother of Philips PicoPix.


Things to Come
Release - 1936
Technology from year 2036

Everyone should see this movie as a warning how technological spread can affect our lives. Excluding that, we can see there something that is still beyond our reach - frameless displays.

Do you know more movies or games with more "futuristic" displays?