15 Hearthstone Card packs to win!

Let the Kinguin PRO League playoffs begin! We are going to the next level and we want to take you with us! So sheathe your swords and prepare for the pure magic of epic duels!

And on Kinguin every magic comes with a prize – we have 15 HS Card Packs to give away!

Watch Kinguin TV on 8th of May and witness an amazing competition between the world’s top players!

The Kinguin Pro League 2015 is a Hearthstone league organized byKinguin – a global marketplace for digital games. Our mission is simple: to offer you the best games at the lowest prices possible! But that’s not all: we simply love video games and this is what keeps us pumped. We are actively operating on the e-sports market, working with the best players and biggest teams, creating incredible events and bringing all the best to the world of gaming.

 The winners will be announced on 8th May.

15 Hearthstone Card packs to win!


To collect your prize please contact us on [email protected] within 7 days from announcing the winners!