Kinguin Retro Gaming II

Butt-stomp of Mario from Super Mario 64, the tail-spin and climbing ability of the same-named lead of Crystal Dynamic's Gex and bits of Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog, as well. And Lara Croft's backpack. Say hello to our old pal - Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

Let's start again with some facts. Game was developed by Argonaut Software in 1997 for PS, Sega Saturn, PCs and in 2000 for Game Boy Color. Croc, the only playable character is a single-toothed, vegetarian crocodile raised by the Gobbos. Our main target is to defeat the primary antagonist - a large reptilian creature - Baron Dante.

Our journey begins when Dante kidnaps our foster family. His motives are not clear, but I don't want to think what he could do with those beautiful furry creatures. There is no tutorial but steering is easy, however you will have to get use to weirdly spinning camera

There are four standard islands in the game, each has a unique theme. Starting with the lava themed island, then progressing on to the snow, the desert, and castle themed islands . A secret island is unlocked after the player collects all Gobbos and Jigsaw pieces in the game.

Each of the four standard islands contain six normal stages, two boss stages and two bonus stages, as detailed below.

Normal Stages
In the standard stages (levels), Croc has to collect six Gobbos and five Coloured Crystals. The Coloured Crystals open the Crystal Door at the end of the stage which contains the sixth Gobbo.

Boss Stages
A boss stage comes after every set of three levels. Boss stages contain no Gobbos or Coloured Crystals. However, each stage does contain the standard crystals, of which there are always 50.

Secret Stages
After each set of three standard stages and the boss stage the player can access a secret stage if they have rescued all 6 Gobbos on the preceding three standard stages. These contain standard crystals and a Jigsaw piece at the end.

Secret Island
If the player collects all eight jigsaw pieces in the game they gain access to the Secret Island, which consists of five levels. This island contains four stages and a final boss.

The four stages are themed in-order of the original standard island themes and consist of parts of the stages from those islands put together as a new stage. They contain more enemies than before and are more difficult. There are no Gobbos or Colored Crystals to collect and the only aim is to make it to the end of each stage.


At the very end we fight against the Crystal Dante, probably his ghost since the battle arena looks like his coffin. When we defeat him he crumbles into pieces and Croc takes one part with him - that's why in Croc 2 Dante doesn't have one eye.


I recommend this game for just casual gamers. I guarantee you will appreciate all the cute effects and simple gameplay. And for a 1997 video game, it has pretty good graphics. It's the type of game you pull out every now and then to remember your childhood, as it was a popular game when you were a kid. It is a quick game to finish, so it's a bonus for noobie gamers. Making them feel smart for finishing the game quickly. But it certainly isn't short of levels.
Probably many of you have never discovered the secret island so it gives you oportunity to play it again and feel like 10 years old again.

And what is your favourite game from your childhood?