Kickstarter of the week - Glyph

VR glasses Oculus Rift have made a lot of hype and aroused considerable expectations. Now they are going to to challenge a new player called the Glyph.

Let's start with the fact that the Glyph project has just appeared on kickstarter and gathered the required amount of 250.000$ in less than 4 hours! Now they have over 700.000 and there are still 25 days to go.

The Glyph wants to be pair of headphones with a display. Two displays to be precise. To be even more precise... with no displays at all! The main problem in "typical virtual reality helmets" are the displays - due to fact that they are close to an eye it is hard to create a pixelfree image. Instead of them Glyph has two micro projectors that send images directly onto your retina, creating sharp images unlike anything you've seen before.

The device can be used as typical head phones, and then all you need to transform them into VR glasses is one smooth move of your hand, and to connect them to your TV, PC, console or even mobile device using a HDMI cable.

You can find more about this idea and donate them here.

How do you like this idea?