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Indie games, or games made by independent developers, are like a breath of fresh air for both gamers who desire innovation, and those who wish to return to the simple fun of yore. There are some genuinely brilliant new ideas hiding in indies, and there are games that bring back and perfect genres long abandoned and forgotten.

The problem is: most indies don't get much publicity. We want to change it.

On #IndieWednesdays we find the best #indiegames, we take a closer look, we talk to developers. Why? Because #KinguinLovesIndies

Visit our blog every Wednesday to find a new article on an indie game of our choice. A small, well-made game that we find interesting. A game that's not widely covered in media. A game that you should get acquainted with. A game you'll get cheap at

We give credit where credit is due.

  • Learn about games that would probably slip through unnoticed, as devs can't market them like AAA studios do.
  • Read about the game, see trailers and gameplay videos.
  • Learn what developers themselves think of their work, as every Indie Wednesday article comes with an interview with the studio resposible for the week's title.

Soon on #IndieWednesdays – we take a look at #BRAWL and have a word with #BlooberTeam, beacuse #KinguinLovesIndies

Small is beautiful. Join us on Indie Wednesdays.