Top 5 Best Animal Buddies in Videogames!

Everyday, when I look at my two cats, I ask myself the same question: Why do we love our pets so much? If you have an animal in the house (especially a cat) you know that this relationship can be a really tough kind of love and there are situations in which you just want to throw your cute, little furball out of the window. But you never do that... and at the end of the day, when this weird creature starts fawning all over you, acting all touchy-feely-cuddly all you need is one look into his eyes to know who your best buddy really is.

Animals occupy a very important place in almost every culture, taking several roles in our lives: as guardians, therapists, symbols of a cult or just a perfect companions… They are faithful (except cats), caring (except cats) and grateful (except cats), every day reminding us what friendship is all about.

The nature of this unique bond between different species is also fascinating for game creators… Recently we’ve celebrated World Animal Day, so it’s the perfect reason to recall the best videogames where this rare connection between animal and human becomes a key element of the plot. I picked a few titles to show you how cool it is to have an animal companion by your side. This is my subjective choice of the best of them!

1. Dogmeat from (Fallout series)

This one is probably the most popular animal sidekicks in the world of gaming. Good times, bad times, Dogmeat from the Fallout series will follow, and if you are going to take care of him, he will surely take care of you. Dogmeat will retrieve ammunition, weapons or food, he will growl when he sniffs out the enemy, and most importantly - he will fight in your defense!

In Fallout 4 Dogmeat will become impossible to kill - you will stay Best Friends Forever!



2. The Dog (Fable 2)

The Dog's function is to help the player, by finding treasure chests, buried caches and some quest objectives. Although he’s so much more. He will show you what a true bond is all about. He will play with children, perform tricks, or gambol ahead of you. Strenghten your belief that Dog is a man’s best friend!

3. Agro  (The Shadow of the Colossus)

To bring your love back to life - it’s not an easy journey! Fortunately, you won’t face all the waiting adversities alone. You will have a companion - Argo, your one and only best friend. This horse will take you anywhere you want. He will do tricks and he will fight battles with you, but what is the most valuable he will stay faithful till the very end.

4. The Cheshire Cat  (American McGee's Alice)

Cats are strange creatures but this one is the strangest of them all. The Cheshire Cat is Alice Liddell’s ally and companion during her adventures in Wonderland. He talks, constantly smiles and has this snarky attitude. Alice thinks that he might be her alter ego, giving voice to all of her fears and doubts that she can’t express. A really sarcastic alter ego indeed.


5. Bloodwing  (Borderlands)

Bloodwing is a kind of ghostly looking bird, but a true-born friend. Bloodwing and Mordecai are the perfect match: he’s a hunter, she’s a weapon. A very loyal one, Mordecai can send her out to attack an enemy and she will always return to him.


There are many more animals companions in the videogame world. I’ve picked my favorite.  What are yours? Share your opinion in the comments below.