4 Imaginary Games Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock Movies.

March 12 is Alfred Hitchcock Day, one of the most influential filmmakers of all times. Hitchcock created more than 50 films, including the classics Rear Window, The Birds or Psycho, every time providing his audience with this unique exciting thrill.


Have you ever wondered how it would be to turn the Master of Suspense films into games? I have and I came up with few non-existent titles ...and covers.

1. The Birds Evolution ( inspired by The Birds) 


In the not too distant future, the Earth has been overtaken by birds and humans needs to fight for their survival. In unknown circumstances, birds have evolved, transforming into a creatures of extraordinary intelligence who want to rule the World.


The last cradle of humanity is Bodega Bay, but three bird species  – Crows, Seagulls and Owls – are trying to take it over. In this real-time strategy game you play as either Melanie Daniels or Mitch Brenner, and you must gather the human forces and lead them to victory across three different battles.

Each bird’s flock has unique attributes and abilities – all of which you'll need to master to defeat them.


2. I Look Up and I Look Down (inspired by Vertigo)

In this psychedelic platform-puzzle, based on Vertigo, you play as private investigator John "Scottie" Ferguson, who’s searching for his client’s wife. You need to follow her into the dark nooks of San Francisco, jump across the rooftops, cliffs and climb up endless staircases. And that’s not an easy task, because Scottie is afraid of heights.

Every time you need to jump the dizziness starts to begin and everything goes blurred. You have just a few seconds to “persuade” your character to go forward, before he passes out.

The deeper you go in the game, the harder it gets to carry out your investigation and it’s getting easier to forget why you started to follow Madeline in the first place…

 3. Selective Focus (inspired by Rear Window)

Selective Focus is a 3 episode series based on Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window. You are a photographer who has been stuck in his apartment. With one leg broken all you can do is observe your neighborhood from your window looking into other peoples’ lives’...



And as it turns out a lot is going on out there... a woman from the building opposite has just gone missing... Use your observational skills to spot the suspects, use your beautiful girlfriend to collect evidence, use your creativity to not get killed.

Solve the mystery of the murder from your home, with nothing more than your camera, and be prepared to shoot.

  4. The Bates Motel (inspired by Psycho)

A horror-survival game in which your character, Lila Crane, sets off in search of her missing sister, Marion. All tracks lead Lila to The Bates Motel, run by a young man named Norman.

The owner claims that he never saw Marion, but Lila feels something strange about him and doesn’t believe him. Dah!

She decides to sneak into the motel… and that’s when the horror begins. Each floor has a new secret to reveal and a new threat. To solve the mystery of The Bates Motel you need to look into them all.

Sir Alfred Hitchcock once said: "One of television’s great contributions is that it brought murder back into the home, where it belongs”. We can only imagine what he would say about video games, or what he would do with them...