5 Other Games Under 5€ You Have To Play

This is yet another Friday and we have prepared you a list of 5 other games to help you relax during the weekend each one cheaper than a couple of cheap boxes of chocolates.


1. Batman Arkham Origins Steam Gift

The story follows Batman in his early days. With a bounty on his head by the Black Mask Batman has to protect Gotham city by various villains. Buy Now for 4.98€


2. XCOM Enemy Unknown Steam Key

An alien invasion is threatening mother Earth's safety. You are chosen to be the commander of a secret paramilitary organization and you must protect the mankind from the intruders. Buy Now for 4.58€


3. Fallout: New Vegas Steam Key

You are in Vegas. An apocaliptic Vegas you haven't seen before. This is a game of choices and all your choices have cosequences that affect you. Buy Now for 4.94€


4. Just Cause 2 Steam Gift

Full of adventures and chaos open world game Just Cause 2 lets you experience the boldest dreams of a movie action hero. You can perform tricks while driving vechicles, jump on flying jets, hang down from choppers and anything else a real action hero can think of. Buy Now for 2.87€

5. Bioshock Steam Key

Turn your body into a weapon by biologically modifying it. With a 96/100 metascore and 8.3 user score this game is both critically acclaimed and fan favorite. Buy Now for 4.08€


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Which of these games do you like the most? Do you agree with our picks?