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Forecasting the Future - Kinguin’s Foray into the Metaverse

Kinguin is an industry innovator in the discovery of new business ventures in the gaming and tech industry. Entry into the metaverse will be one of their latest endeavours. The metaverse is a fascinating topic for consumers and companies alike that is continuing to grab interest from around the globe. Kinguin is looking to the future to become a pioneer in the metaverse world with the ‘Kinguinverse’. Michał Kaczmarek, Partner & Chief Metaverse Officer, is captaining this venture and looking to plant the seeds of the Kinguinverse and to help foster its growth. 

We met with Michał to dive into how he envisions Kinguin’s new chapter, his experience with the metaverse, what it will look like and how Kinguin will use this new platform to expand their horizons and provide users with a whole new world of experiences. 

Michał joined Kinguin as Partner & Chief Metaverse Officer, where his job is to enable Kinguin to prepare and adapt to the imminent adoption of the metaverse across the industry and transform the company into a pioneer in this new technological field. He has experience in the Gaming and E-commerce industries from previous successful business ventures, and is very familiar with the Metaverse. He is looking forward to combining all his experience gained up until now and apply it to the ‘Kinguinverse’. 

To understand the metaverse, firstly we have to define it in layman’s terms, think of it as a persistent 3-dimensional digital world, where everything is connected together, accessible by everyone and where everything runs simultaneously in the same instance. We must think about it as what it will be, rather than what it is currently. The most ideal way to think about the technological growth needed for the metaverse would be like trying to explain games such as Roblox and Fortnite to somebody in 1995. The only difference between this example and the metaverse is that we know the metaverse is inevitable.

For Kinguin, the goal is to introduce a ‘Kinguinverse’, that revolves around content - in a similar fashion to how Amazon attracts customers to their new platform by using Prime Video. The most important thing for us is to ensure that it’s user friendly - allowing them to consume the content they want in the easiest possible way, within the ecosystem. We will be using cutting edge technology to provide ownership to users in one colossal, united ecosystem. 

Ideally, users will have a single avatar that will maintain items, achievements and progression throughout the ecosystem. The Kinguinverse will offer a wide variety of apps and games that will be launched on their own platform - with a section where creative developers can build software from within the ecosystem and users can utilise these new community tools to interact with other users. These apps will also work across various platforms, from mobile to PC, and will entice casual and professional users alike, in the hope of attracting the maximum number of viewers. We want to provide users with ownership over their personas and any items and progression they have achieved, which will have a monetary value to each and every item. The ‘Kinguinverse’ will have its own economy connected to the main marketplace, allowing users to buy, sell and trade.

We want Kinguin to be at the forefront, ready to take the jump into the metaverse. We’re perfectly positioned to be the glue of the metaverse when it starts being adopted by companies outside of the gaming ecosystem. We have already launched a Kinguin NFT marketplace and have been discussing how we can further provide not only a great user experience for our users, but also help our partners to utilise our platform to propel their own businesses. We’re ensuring that we are prepared for the inevitable integration of the metaverse, and are making sure that our players and clients will be able to count on us to assist them in navigating the revolutionary future of technology and what lies beyond!