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Building Bridges - How Kinguin are forging long-term client relationships through the use of API

Kinguin is one of the biggest gaming ecommerce markets in the world, with over 95,000 games and software products available on its website. Artur Żarko is Kinguin’s VP of Commercial and together with his team he is building long-term international partnerships with ecommerce businesses’ across the globe, ensuring that Kinguin is able to supply and sell its products in a wide range of international markets. 

It is through these partnerships that Kinguin is able to create strong supply chain networks for the digital goods on its platform, opening up revenue streams and further expanding access to promising markets. We sat down with Artur to discuss how Kinguin uses innovative API integrations to its advantage and how his team uses traditional relationships building methods to ensure that Kinguin is able to onboard and retain clients for the long-term.

Something that I’m incredibly proud of at Kinguin is the sheer volume of choice that we offer to our customers. We stock an incredible variety of products and are always looking for ways to innovate and expand our offerings, such as bringing our clients cutting-edge options that they can use to populate their own storefronts. This is one of the many reasons that we’ve been able to build such a strong international network of partners, improving our distribution networks and greatly improving our revenue streams. 

It is absolutely critical for Kinguin that we onboard and retain as many partner businesses as we can, and whilst our product portfolio is able to give us a significant advantage, my team and I believe that a key factor in securing business is through fostering relationships - both offline and online. By taking the time to meet our partners in person, we are able to build relationships founded in mutual trust and respect, allowing us to better illustrate the strengths of our distribution channels and better understand customer needs. We are able to follow this up with industry leading customer support channels, ensuring that our partners are able to receive online help and counsel when dealing with any of our products that they use in their storefronts.

Another key way in which we ensure we meet our clients demands is through the use of our many application programming interface (API) solutions. In a world where customers expect instant gratification, we need to have the tools available to be able to automatically supply and distribute digital goods to our partner’s storefronts. Recently we were asked by over 5000 of our existing and prospective clients to integrate the WooCommerce API Plug-In to the Kinguin Marketplace. We immediately began the process of implementing this service, greatly improving the range of clients we appeal to but also setting up Kinguin for mass market ecommerce success. We are also taking steps to integrate the Shopify API Plug-In which will be ready to use by the end of 2022, effectively offering Kinguin customers access to the two most commonly used ecommerce API Plug-In’s in the world, greatly expanding the utility of our marketplace and offering our customers more ways to automate their stock supplies. It is the combination of our customer service, relationship management, and innovative API technologies that we are able to onboard and retain a global portfolio of partners.

We also recently launched our Kinguin NFT Marketplace which has greatly expanded the range of digital products that we have been able to offer to prospective customers. Many of our current partners have been greatly interested in NFTs and have discussed how they can utilise the products on our marketplace to help propel their own businesses into a web 3.0 future. As we continue to innovate and future-proof our product offerings, we set ourselves up as an ecommerce business equipped to tackle the challenges and opportunities that web 3.0 will bring. I firmly believe that the steps Kinguin is taking now as a business, including immersing ourselves in the metaverse and world of NFTs, will pay off in huge volumes in the years to come. By preempting market demands, and ultimately client needs, we can cement ourselves as an ecommerce industry leader that can not only provide high quality service to our customers, but also be the access point for the future of online retail.