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Kinguin Deal Hunter - new web extension

Kinguin is proud to announce the launch of Kinguin Deal Hunter, a global web-browser extension to compare prices of video games. Kinguin Deal Hunter is a breakthrough solution for customers who want to buy a game at a discounted price.

What is Kinguin Deal Hunter?

Kinguin Deal Hunter is the web-browser extension that allows you to compare prices of video games with Kinguin’s marketplace. 

The extension’s main purpose is to display Kinguin offers on gaming websites including Steam, EA, Epic Games Store and also on YouTube, next to gaming videos. This way the user can easily spot bargains for their favorite games and in doing so save money.

Additional functions of Kinguin Deal Hunter include syncing the users’ Steam wishlist, easy access to the current preorders available at Kinguin marketplace as well as a gaming news feed hub.  

Which web-browsers are supported?

Kinguin Deal Hunter is supported on many Chromium based browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Brave while also compatible with Mozilla Firefox.

It is also worth to mention that Kinguin Deal Hunter is available in YouTube. You will find the deals next to gaming videos. 

How do I get it?

You can download the extension for your favorite browser using the links below: 

  • Google Chrome, Opera, Edge, and Brave and other Chromium based browsers: LINK
  • Mozilla Firefox: LINK

The installation is simple, requiring just a click on the “Add-to (your browser)” button.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, Kinguin Deal Hunter has been approved by all the above-mentioned web browsers and it is officially listed on them. 

The main functioning of the extension does not use any other information than that which would normally be gathered when visiting a website. Two functions use specific user data; the Steam wishlist sync (profile ID provided by the user, profile avatar and wishlist data from Steam API) and the referral ID when you follow a link to the Kinguin website via the extension. There is no other tracking used by the extension.