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Is Kinguin a safe digital marketplace?

Whether you’re new to the world of gaming, or a veteran of the trade, everyone is always on the lookout to find the cheapest solution to getting their hands on their favourite gaming goods.

While buying products from the high street hasn’t completely died off, many now turn to the internet to buy their products and digitally savvy gamers are no different. That’s where Kinguin steps in. Kinguin is an online platform that allows new and old gamers alike to purchase everything they need to enjoy gaming safely. 

If you’ve never heard of Kinguin, or if you’ve come across our name a few times before in the past and want to know more, we’re here to outline exactly who we are and what makes us a safe place to purchase game keys from, so you can start using our website and continue enjoying gaming at a lower cost. 

What Is Kinguin?

To understand whether Kinguin is safe, first there needs to be an understanding of what Kinguin is and what it isn’t. Kinguin is an online, digital marketplace. We allow distributors from all over the globe, from Poland, to the U.S., and all the way to Australia, to offer their products to our 15 million Kinguin customers.

People may view us in a similar way to how they view the likes of online platforms like eBay and Amazon. These trusted platforms also use distributors to offer their stock, without the need for those businesses to pay an extortionate amount for designing and maintaining a website.

Kinguin is not, however, a reseller or seller itself. 

Are these distributors legit? 

Any distributor that wants to sell products through Kinguin needs to go through our multi-level verification process. Provided they meet our criteria, we allow them to sell their products through the Kinguin website. These distributors pay taxes and comply with relevant laws on the selling and distribution of goods in the countries they operate. 

Digital products that are sold at Kinguin are already bought from developers or publishers by their wholesale and retail partners, which then distribute them through their own networks. They buy it in bulk and that way they can negotiate prices. You can read more about the distribution process of game keys in our previous article

What If I purchase a product from a registered distributor on Kinguin and it doesn’t work? 

Your code will be replaced or you get your money back. Simply contact our customer support via the Kinguin website and we’ll investigate the issue for you. We’ll also look more closely at why the product doesn’t work and if necessary, we’ll ban the distributor from using the Kinguin website to sell its product.

It’s also worth pointing out that it’s very uncommon for products purchased via Kinguin not to work, with only 0.4% of total purchases on Kinguin in 2022 being reported with issues. All of these products were either replaced or refunded. 

What do others say about Kinguin?, an open review platform that allows users to review their experience of any website on the internet, gives Kinguin a 4.4 / 5 trust rating, with over 44,000 reviews in total. To put that into perspective, eBay currently has a Trustpilot rating of 1.4 / 5 while Amazon has a Trustpilot rating of 1.7 / 5.  

Independent reviews of Kinguin have also been carried out by media outlets, including Citizens Journal, All Tech Buzz or SoftoCoupon, which described Kinguin as: “a safe website to buy from”.

So, in conclusion, is Kinguin legit and a safe site? 

Kinguin is definitely a trusted platform and legitimate website that many customers use to purchase their products cheaply. Company operates on the market for over 10 years and has over 15 million global registered users. Almost all those that use Kinguin have a positive experience and do so without any issues whatsoever. For those that do run into issues, Kinguin offers them the best-in-class customer service offering to investigate the issue and refund them as quickly as possible.