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What do we know about the latest Assassin’s Creed Red? Or perhaps Shadows? We know the release date!

The echoes regarding the latest game from Ubisoft's stable are not dying down. The announced game initially bore the working title Codename Red; now we know it has been given a new title, "Shadows". What will the title be about? Where will the action take place and who will be the main character? Let's check out the game, which is set to premiere in November 2024.

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Expectations are rising...

Players are eagerly anticipating Ubisoft's new release. The expectations are entirely justified, as its predecessor, AC: Mirage, received quite good reviews. On Metacritic, player ratings stand at 7.3/10. By the end of last year, the game was second in the list of the most frequently purchased physical games in the UK.

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What does the titular shadow refer to?

This is already the thirteenth game in the Assassin’s Creed series, which this time takes us to a completely new location. This time, we find ourselves in feudal Japan. The story begins in the year 1579, during the late Sengoku period, which is also professionally referred to as the Momoyama period. Looking at history, the creators decided to set the action during a time of not only social reforms and the emergence of new religious movements but also the unification of the country.

Two heads are better than one…

In Assassin’s Creed Shadows, we take on the roles of two characters. The first is a shinobi named Naoe, and the other is a black samurai named Yasuke. The inclusion of the second character sparked controversy. Players pointed out discrepancies with historical accuracy, but based on Yasuke's history, he is the first documented African-origin male to be active in feudal Japan during the period the game covers. Thus, the myth has been debunked, and interestingly, we have the opportunity to play as a real historical figure. We still don't know how we'll control the characters. All we know is that there will be two of them, and their meeting will initially involve hostility. Will resentment take a backseat? How will it work? We'll find out closer to the release. Developers say the duo will be different, and we're supposed to notice this based on the environment and the reactions of the Japanese residents.

Do you have a ticket for the tour?

Fortunately, you won't need a ticket, but the developers are handing over to players a map comparable in size to Egypt known in AC: Origins. Japan will be divided into three regions: Arima, Iga, and Omi. The game will also feature a day-night cycle, but not only that, as there will also be seasons and variable weather conditions. Seasons will change according to the progression of the storyline.

What are we fighting for?

Assassin’s Creed has accustomed us to the goal of eliminating targets. It will be similar here. The order of selected targets doesn't matter. There will also be missions and other activities related to careful exploration and familiarizing oneself with the terrain. The creators have ensured scenic views. It's worth choosing a favorite spot to notice the differences resulting from the changing seasons.

You’re not alone…

In the latest Assassin's Creed, we will also focus on a espionage subplot, which will be supported by a team. Our task will be to recruit units who, like secret agents, will gather the necessary information for further planning the attack on the enemy.

Yamakasi Parkour in 1579

An indispensable element of every Assassin’s Creed had to be preserved and, of course, improved. The creators promise that free-running, escape, bravado, and parkour in general will change for the better. Dexterity will be useful not only for the game's characters but also for players, as this aspect will be further developed. Additionally, there's a new mechanic: stealth. In this, Naoe will definitely shine. The character is characterized by freedom and a grappling hook rope, which will facilitate parkour tricks.

Silence, silence will save us

In each of the Assassin's Creed games, Ubisoft puts every effort into stealth mechanics. This time, the creators promise a breakthrough, stemming from technological innovations. The environment, as always, will help us hide, but this time, even light will matter. Destroying lighting will contribute to better concealment. Both characters can sneak, but Naoe will definitely excel in this aspect once again. However, Yasuke will be better in combat.

What's new in combat?

The new assassin introduces a range of techniques designed to add a more realistic dimension. For example, let's say you don't necessarily have to kill an opponent; you can incapacitate them to sneak past unnoticed by the rest of the troops. The characters play their roles in combat. Naoe primarily focuses on defense, while Yasuke annihilates threats with full force. In Assassin’s Creed Shadows, there's also a considerable arsenal of weapons: katanas, kanabos, naginatas, bows, arquebuses, kunai, shurikens, and much more.

RPG returns!

We've come to love the RPG elements in games, and they're present here as well. We develop our characters according to individual skill trees. Interestingly, experience points gained during gameplay are also acquired individually by the characters. Equipment matters, but it's also significant that some items can be crafted. Therefore, gathering resources will also be a useful activity.

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Anvil, the engine that forges games

Ubisoft used the Anvil engine in the previous Assassin's Creed, and the situation is the same here. Utilizing this technology, Ubisoft has developed a dynamic global illumination system and a destruction system. Our characters' katanas will have ample opportunity to shine.

When is the release date?

At the moment, the developers are talking about the release date of November 15, 2024. However, observing the gaming industry, this could still change. On the other hand, perhaps it's better to wait longer to receive a finished product that will provide more enjoyment. There's nothing more disappointing than a game that's simply unplayable. We'll keep you informed of any changes and the latest updates.

Will there be multiplayer?

According to current information, AC Shadows is intended to be a single-player game only. However, things might still change, and we might have something reminiscent of what appeared in AC Brotherhood.

The latest update

The developers, aiming to inform players as comprehensively as possible regarding technical matters, emphasized on their social media channels that the game will function entirely offline. Only a connection to the network will be necessary during the initial installation of the product.


"The latest game from Ubisoft has stirred up quite a buzz online. This indicates that interest is quite significant. Surely, this is also linked to the trend of the samurai theme, which has been doing really well in the gaming industry for many years. Assassin’s Creed Shadows, not Red, as we have a new title, is a game that can draw many lessons from previous titles and potentially be a really good game, but will it be? We'll only find out at the premiere, which, let's remember, is on November 15, 2024.