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VPN – A VIP Network Of Your Own

Everybody likes a little bit of a VIP treatment, but when it comes to security that becomes not only a matter of pampering you up. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it works like personal security when you enter the vast and not always safe Word Wide Web.

How Does A VPN Work?

A VPN software creates a sort of a safe virtual tunnel for your online activity to keep it private. If you write a note on a piece of paper and send it like that to the addressee, everyone on the way will have access to the information you want to convey – unless you put it in an envelope. Well, a VPN is actually your envelope in that simplified description of the process. An envelope does not sound exclusive enough for a VIP gadget, so lets more accurately call it an encrypted connection – a secure link between your computer (or any other electronic device) and the Internet through the VPN server to which you have to connect first when you start your online activity using a VPN.

What Does A VPN Do?

First of all it scrambles the data of yours to prepare it for the Internet journey. Back in the days before streaming platforms there were some TV channels like Canal+ or HBO with content considered more exclusive than what was offered by regular TV stations. So you either paid a monthly fee and watched all the cool stuff, or you could just admire some blurred shadows (scrambled transmission) on your screen, leaving the rest to your imagination. Remember the scene from American Pie when Jim is trying to watch an adult movie in his room before parents come in? That is what we are talking about. VPN unscrambles the data once it reaches its destination. As it has been mentioned earlier, we call that encrypting and decrypting – the more advanced the decryption is, the better it protects our data from hackers or some kind of snookers who would like to intercept it while it travels online.

Another important function of VPN is hiding your IP address – therefore whatever you do online, the activity is more difficult to track and your location remains hidden or if you intentionally connect to a VPN server located in a different place, the place will actually be displayed as the one of yours.

How Is A VPN Useful?

  • VPN gives you more privacy during your online activities.
  • It provides you with a certain level of security (depending on the VPN product version) when you are browsing the Internet – especially using public Wi-Fi hotspots; it is particularly important when it comes to banking or shopping online.
  • When a website, audio or video content is restricted to a certain location, a VPN can bypass such restriction, by connecting to a server in a place where it is available, and give you access to the desired online destination; however, it should never be used in a way that goes in contradiction with law!
  • As home office has grown in popularity in recent years, VPN is commonly used in business to provide employees with secure remote connection to the company’s network.

What Are The Types Of VPNs?

We can distinguish four types of VPNs depending on their purpose:

  • Personal VPN (the most common one) is used in vast majority by individuals to assure security and privacy of their online actions, as well as to bypass geo-restrictions. A VPN software needs to be installed first and the Internet connection is established here through the VPN server.
  • Remote Access VPN is usually used by companies to give their employees a secure connection to their inside network from remote locations; apart from business usage, it can also serve well as a safe connection to any private network. Remote Access VPN requires either the installation of software or configuration of the operating system.
  • Site-to-Site VPN is also frequently used in business, especially when there is a need to connect multiple offices – as this type of VPN creates a secure tunnel between two (or more) physical networks joining them together. Additional software is not required here.
  • Mobile VPN is in a way similar to Personal VPN as it gives the user security and privacy. The major point here is establishing a consistent link to a private network, which allows you to work even with unstable Internet connection. Just like Remote Access VPN, it requires either the installation of software or configuration of the operating system.

When you have chosen your VPN type, it is time to decide on a particular product that is going to fit your requirements perfectly. Remember that Virtual Private Network is rather likely to slow down your Internet connection (a small price to pay for all the advantages), but the better the product, the less noticeable it should be. VPNs offered by different producers have a variety of features to choose from and only you can pick the one that is best for your device. Fortunately, you can find most of them here, at Kinguin and we make sure that whatever you decide on, you will get it at the best possible price. So, it is high time to create your VIP Internet connection and just surf the Net, leaving the rest to your VPN!