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Transform Your Elden Ring Gameplay with These 5 Hilarious Mods

With the release of Elden Ring’s highly anticipated DLC, many players are diving back into the Lands Between to explore new areas and face fresh challenges. To make your journey even more enjoyable, or simply to give you a moment of breath, why not enhance your gameplay with some of the funniest and most creative mods out there? Here are five uncommon mods that will not only make you laugh but also add a unique twist to your Elden Ring experience.

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1. Tree Sentinel Thomas Mod

One of the most iconic mods in any game, Thomas the Tank Engine has made his way into Elden Ring. This mod replaces the menacing dragons with the cheerful, yet somehow unsettling, face of Thomas. Watching the adorable locomotive breathe fire and wreak havoc is a surreal experience that’s guaranteed to make you chuckle.

2. Shrek the Ogre

What’s more amusing than seeing the green ogre from the beloved animated movies in Elden Ring? The Shrek mod turns some of the game’s most fearsome foes into the lovable yet intimidating Shrek. The mod’s attention to detail, from Shrek’s iconic outfit to his grumpy expressions, adds a layer of comedy to every encounter.

3. Let Me Solo Her

Inspired by the legendary Elden Ring player "Let Me Solo Her," this mod allows you to embody the myth. Equipped with a pot helmet and wielding dual katanas, you can face off against Malenia in the most iconic fashion. It’s a humorous tribute to a player who has become part of Elden Ring lore.

4. Giant Lobster Mod

This mod is for anyone who finds the giant crabs in the Elden Ring both terrifying and hilarious. The Giant Lobster mod replaces these crustaceans with enormous, menacing lobsters. The absurdity of fighting a colossal lobster adds a layer of humour to the intense combat situations, making it a must-try for a good laugh.

5. The plunger and toilet cover (seriously)


In a world filled with legendary swords and majestic shields, imagine wielding a plunger and toilet cover as your armour. This mod gives your character a plunger and toilet cover as armour, inspired by the quirky hero, the Toxic Avenger.


Shadow of the Erdtree: What to Expect

As we enjoy these hilarious mods, it’s also exciting to look forward to the just released Elden Ring DLC. FromSoftware has teased new areas, challenging bosses, and expanded lore that promises to enhance the already rich world of Elden Ring.

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