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Top 10 Netflix Valentine's Day Shows


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Valentine’s Day- celebration of love and the perfect day to  get cosy with your loved one and watch some   love stories. Or with your favourite ice cream. Or a pet. Or…a plant maybe?

No matter what’s your other half, Netflix will serve you a wide selection of movies to choose from, so you’ll definitely find something to shed a tear of happiness to.


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Here are out top 10 pick for Netflix Valentine's Day movies:


The Crown (drama, romance) is a fabularised version of the reins of Queen Elizabeth II   that reveals political intrigues and personal struggles. We’re also witnessing blooming love between her and Prince Philip in their marriage and the growth of their royal family. So if you crave historical romance with a touch of   splendour, this is the perfect title for you.


Stranger Things (sci-Fi, mystery) is a perfect story if you share the love of horror, 80’s and… D&D? Yes exactly! Join the Hawkings gang as they navigate between demogorgons, mind flayers and crazy scientists that had started this whole madness. Stranger Things is a perfect story showing the power of friendship and loyalty, reminding us that love comes in many forms.


Narcos (drama, romance) is the title for those of you political stories lovers (and Pablo Pascal <3) this story might be perfect for you. Jump right into the story of Pablo Escobar and his imperium built from scratch and the constant chase of DEA agents determined to bring him down. While this might not be a traditional love story, Narcos explores the complexities of love, loyalty and sacrifice in the face of danger.


Emily in Paris (comedy, romance) is a lighthearted story for those of you who want something light and easy going. Join Emily, an American marketing executive navigating love, career and cultural differences in the City of Lights and Love. It’s a perfect dose of Parisian charm and escapism, and offers a fun and flirty watch.


Squid Game (thriller, drama), a South Korean phenomenon will explore themes of desperation, human nature and   social gap, through a deadly show disguised as child’s play. Joining the group of volunteers who will go through different obstacles to achieve the grand price. Squid Game might not be a love story in the traditional sense, but highlights the power of connection and compassion in the face of   a challenge.


The Blacklist (crime, thriller) is an action-packed series that follows the story of Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington, ex- agent turned criminal who teams up with the FBI to take down even bigger threats. Filled to the brim with suspense, twists, and a hint of forbidden romance, The Blacklist is perfect for those who enjoy a thrilling watch.


Bridgerton (period drama, romance) is a truly passionate love story set in a Regency-era London filled with   social expectations and lavish balls. Bridgeton will surely sweep you away with its romance, drama and   interesting characters.


Beef (comedy, drama) is a story of twisted fate that comes after a simple road rage incident which leads you on an unexpected path towards connection and forgiveness. While it might not be a traditional love story, Beef tackles themes of anger, regret and the possibility of second chances. 


Watcher (thriller, mystery) is a truly chilling story that follows a couple who moves into their dream home only to be tormented by very particular anonymous letters and truly unsettling events. While it might not be a romantic story, the series perfectly explores themes of trust, suspicion and   what we have to do to protect those we love.


Ozark (drama, crime) is a series that portraits the struggle of a married couple that gets sucked into a money-laundering scheme for a Mexican drug cartel. Titular Ozark is a place where they run to and try to lead normal and safe lives- till one particular day. This story explores complexities of marriage, loyalty, and the sacrifices we make for our family.


This list is just a starting point, and the perfect Valentine's Day series ultimately depends on your and your partner's preferences. So, grab your popcorn, snuggle up, and get ready to celebrate love in all its forms with these diverse and captivating Netflix series!


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Happy Valentines’ from Kinguin!