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Naruto Uzumaki: 25 Years on the Market! What's New with the Ninja from Konoha-Gakure?

In today's world, it's hard not to recognize the name Uzumaki. Thanks to Naruto, who has changed the face of manga and anime worldwide. This year marks a significant anniversary, confirming how strongly this brand has impacted pop culture and the community. There's a lot of talk about future plans for the series about the blond ninja from Konoha, but what exactly? Let's find out.

How did it all begin?

In the beginning, Naruto Uzumaki appeared exclusively on paper, in the form of manga. It all started in 1999, when we first read about the young shinobi's famous technique, "Kage Bunshin No Jutsu.

Who is Naruto?

Naruto Uzumaki is a ninja from Konoha-gakure who was orphaned. His parents were killed in battle with the Nine-Tails beast to protect not only the village but also the young Naruto. The beast was sealed within the boy's body. The local community, aware of what happened, rejects the blond-haired ninja. Naruto is a weak student but a very loyal friend, which he proves in every episode of the anime and volume of the manga. His dream is to become Hokage, the leader of the Hidden Leaf Village.

What are the Naruto series?

There are quite a few. Let's list them all in order.

Naruto - Manga - Naruto first appeared in a paper form as a pilot in 1997. Later, in 1999, we had a full-fledged manga. A total of 72 volumes were created, combining both the first part of Naruto and the second, Shippuden.

Naruto - Television Series - The same story we learned in manga form made its way to television screens. Viewers could admire Konoha-gakure and more on channels like Animax and TV Tokyo. A total of 220 episodes were produced.

Naruto: Shippuden - Television Series - This series continues Naruto's adventures. We meet new characters, and most interestingly, the audience matures with the main character. The dilemmas become much more serious. This series is much more demanding for the viewer, but it also doesn't lack humorous elements.

There were also many feature-length anime films about Naruto. They cover the adventures of both younger and older Naruto. One of them even teases future installments, but we won't spoil which one.

Naruto is also a treasure trove of great games

Naruto, as one might expect due to the immense fan interest, has also seen its share of gaming adaptations. Interestingly, practically every one of these games is done quite well and provides a lot of fun. The first game featuring the ninja from Konoha as the main character appeared on the PlayStation 1. Looking broader and further, each console generation from the 5th onward had some Naruto game in its library. We've counted around 50 games. Each of them presents a completely different gameplay model due to hardware considerations, but we're mostly talking about productions that have achieved some level of success. There are also those that simply excelled and boasted brilliant results in the gaming world.

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The manga was the first to debut, followed by the anime and then the games

Creating a game based on a series or anime indeed presents challenges in deciding where to conclude the storyline. In the case of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, there were many dilemmas. Why? The game slightly extended beyond the bounds of the TV series, and one could argue that it contained spoilers. The studio, in collaboration with Masashi Kishimoto, created the game's ending in such a way that it fit into the anime's storyline. It's an unusual tidbit from behind the scenes, wouldn't you agree?

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Boruto - What's it all about?

Without giving away too much, we'll just say that the latest series telling the story of the Naruto world is still ongoing. While it focuses on a different main character, Naruto still makes appearances. The manga currently consists of 20 volumes, and the story is still being continued. There are also games based on this storyline that have been released.

News with Naruto in the Lead

Observing the industry, it's impossible to ignore the rumors that have dominated the internet. We're referring to the development of a live-action film, not just an animation, which will involve actors portraying the characters. According to early reports, work on this project is continuing, with Destin Daniel Cretton, known for his work with Marvel, particularly on Shang-Chi, set to helm the project.

"It was an honor to meet Mr. Kishimoto in Tokyo and hear more about his expansive vision for this story. I am very excited to collaborate to bring Naruto to the big screen," said Destin Daniel Cretton.

Many fans are wary, noting that many such adaptations have fallen short. Will it be the same here? Will attempting to translate anime to the big screen turn out to be a misstep? Let's remember, back in 2009, there was a film called "Dragon Ball: Evolution." The film received overwhelmingly negative reviews on movie platforms. That attempt certainly didn't succeed. However, we believe that in the case of Naruto, things will turn out much better.


Naruto is not just a manga or anime; it's also a way of life, sometimes a motto that guides us in which direction to take our next step. Naruto not only entertains but also educates. The impact of Masashi Kishimoto's Japanese anime is often compared to that of the TV show "Friends," which is also well-known worldwide. The power is immense, and thankfully, over these 25 years, we have been continuously blessed with new games, movies, manga, and ideas to keep the boy harboring the Nine-Tails beast with us all the time.