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Hogwarts Legacy - what's your wand core? Take our quiz!

The Hogwarts Legacy release is right around the corner. You probably already know the House you're in. But you can also choose your wand in Hogwarts Legacy. Do you want to know which one? Your wand definitely matters! Answer this short quiz and find out what's your wand core!

When you've taken the quiz, count your points and read the answer below. Find out what is the rarest wand core.

How would your friends describe you?

  • temperamental but with a great sense of humour [1]
  • usually quiet but very loyal [2]
  • loner, sometimes a bit snobby, but we love you anyway [3]


What's your favourite dessert?

  • hot chocolate with a bit of chilli for flavour [1]
  • classic cheesecake [2]
  • pavlova with fruits [3]
  • meh, who likes sweets? [4]


Your friend is having a bad day. What do you do?

  • swear to maim anyone responsible for making them sad [1]
  • listen to them venting and offer a warm hug [2]
  • offer them to come over to watch TV and pet your cat [3]

Now count your points! What wand is choosing you as their witch or wizard?

3-5 Dragon Heartstring

Great choice! Your wand is definitely among the most powerful out there. Dragon Heartstring wands are very loyal to their owners, though a stronger wizard can win them over. They learn quickly but because of their temperament, they are prone to accidents. However, you will be rewarded with an affinity for potent and flamboyant magic. And the Dark Arts, if you so choose.

6-8 Unicorn Hair

Perhaps not the most powerful, the Unicorn Hair wands are the most stable and their magic the most consistent. Almost no risk of changing your sibling into a frog, hurray! Unicorn wands are pure like the creature they come from – they will be the hardest to persuade towards the Dark Arts. They will also bond so strongly with you that they will most likely refuse to ever work with another wizard. It's good to have such a loyal friend!

9-10 Phoenix Feather

Congratulations, you were chosen by the rarest wand core! Phoenix Feather wands are capable of the greatest range of magic. They are as strong and independent as the creatures they're coming from so don't be surprised if your want acts up on occasion. They are the hardest wands to tame but their hard-won loyalty to you will be worth it.