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FORTNITE materialises in the world of LEGO

Playing Fortnite brings lots of fun but you can still double it by adding a LEGO twist to the game. In 2023 Epic Games joined forces with the Danish producer of the world's most famous bricks for kids and adults. The result – simply called LEGO Fortnite, was revealed in December of the same year, becoming an instant hit. Now it seems that the successful collaboration will continue in 2024, and this time it's the world of Fortnite which is going to materialise in the tangible form of LEGO bricks.

Epic Shooter

Epic Games released the original Fortnite in 2017 as a third-person shooter game where you're a survivor in some sort of zombie-like apocalypse, only the zombies here are called husks. Apart from fighting against them and surviving, your tasks are gathering resources and building forts, where you can find shelter. This last activity is a major kick of the game but if you feel like doing something quite the opposite, you've also got the ability to destroy most things in the Fortnite world.

Ain't That Fun?

Of course it is! Ask Canadian rapper Drake, who enjoyed the game with Amercan online streamer Ninja in 2018, establishing the new record of viewers count on Twitch. When it comes to picking your avatar in the game, there's a whole array of original Fortnite characters to choose from. Moreover, you can get additional familiar faces from Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Indiana Jones or even Family Guy. Now, imagine that you can turn them into virtual LEGO minifigs...

Fortnite meets LEGO in New York City

LEGO Fortnite, a more family-friendly (PvE) – still fun entry in the Fortnite universe, made its debut on 7 December 2023. By the end of the year it garnered more than 2.10 million registered players, surpassing the free Battle Royale version (PvP) of the original game. Just before the official release of LEGO Fortnite a lavish promotional event was held at Rockefeller Center in NYC, with a sizable Loot Llama made of the famous bricks welcoming guests. It was the first creature from the game that entered the real world in the LEGO form, raising questions – will there be more and if so, will they be available for a regular purchase?

Fortnite LEGO-leaks

The answers to both questions seem more and more likely to be positive. Although, as for the moment of writing this article, there is no official confirmation of that from LEGO, there are six rumoured Fortnite sets we can expect yet in 2024, and such rumours usually turn out to be true. What do we know then? The premiere date is allegedly set on 1 October 2024, and the details so far go like this:

  • set number 40728 (151 pieces) – the smallest one of the six, it is supposed to be a gift with purchase (won't be officially sold but added as a bonus to a larger set)
  • set number 77070 (193 pieces) – no details for now | predicted price: 29,99 euro
  • set number 77071 (691 pieces) – buildable Loot Llama | predicted price: 39,99 euro
  • set  number 77072 (an 18+ set with unknown number of pieces) – buildable Peely Bone (hopefully with an additional minifigure of Peely) | 59,99 euro
  • set number 77073 (954 pieces) – Battle Bus | predicted price: 79,99 euro
  • set number 77074 (unknown number of pieces) – no details for now | predicted price: 119,99 euro

Journalists and youtubers have already got a small preview, with a little Loot Llama made of bricks that was a part of the NYC event's press kit. Unfortunately, the cute build was limited to 625 numbered sets and can be considered a collector's item. What about those who did not get it? It's no mystery that fans are particularly excited about the possible LEGO Fortnite minifigures. We can only speculate if there is also a battle pack or even a whole exclusive minifig series in works for 2025. For now, before LEGO makes an official announcement about their commercial Fortnite sets, we can enjoy the bricks and figs in the virtual world on our screens.

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