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Are Your Neighbors a Vampire? We're Checking Out V Rising! What cool things can players do in the game?

The buzz around the latest release from Stunlock Studios shows no signs of quieting down. Players currently enjoying the early access are diving into the game, and on May 8th, the title will be fully available on PC. Are your neighbors a vampire, echoing the title? If they're spending hours in front of their computer building their empire in V Rising, then... But wait, read on till the end.

Wake Up, Vampire! We have a castle to build! 

The game is a project that delves into the dark world of vampires. Upon entering the game world, we quickly learn that the protagonist is a vampire who has returned from the half-dead. It's been quite a long sleep, as the hero has slumbered for hundreds of years. His lethargy has come to an end, and he's making every effort to regain his former power and build his mighty empire. It won't be easy, though, as the threat never sleeps unlike the protagonist. Many enemies lie in wait to strike. We're talking about other humans, monsters, but also bloodsuckers familiar to our hero, who know the dark land shrouded in evil and agony all too well.

You are not alone!

The game V Rising is designed to delight not just one player during gameplay. The creators have opted for a multiplayer mode, which enhances the dynamic of the fun. As one might guess, this will also pose many challenges, as just around the corner another player may be lurking, already eyeing our castle. It gets worse if he already started ordering furniture. Then the fight will be very determined. If you prefer to play alone, you can opt for the offline option, where you can create a private server.

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What do we know about gameplay?

Since the title is still available in early access, we can directly check out what we're dealing with. Developers, aiming to fully capture the game's atmosphere, have opted for isometric character control, further enhancing the old-school gaming vibe. This is also a kind of homage to classics like Castlevania. Besides building our empire, we focus on exploration. This will be an intriguing aspect, as we have a vast open world ahead of us, hiding many secrets. For a vampire awakening after centuries of slumber, there will be plenty to discover. Most importantly, we can only afford to do so at night. Why? Just a reminder! Vampires aren't fond of daylight and garlic. It's also our task to develop our character. We can do this by battling monsters that inhabit the dark realm and, of course, by conquering new territories. The stronger our empire and army, the easier it will be to plunder our opponent. But let's not think the fight is easy. It requires significant preparation. Battles are dynamic, and each one is different. It all depends on our enemy, their level, and arsenal. What should we arm ourselves with? We have access to melee weapons like swords, ranged weapons, and of course, spells, which may take some time to train. Nonetheless, it's worth it. During exploration, it's good to search for resources. These will efficiently contribute to furthering the development of our empire. Transport whatever you plunder back to the castle promptly. It'll be safe there until you're attacked

Can my soldier become a vampire? Forum users, can you help?

That's a tough question, but as always, the Kinguin editorial team is happy to help. According to our ancient knowledge, it is indeed possible. In V Rising, we recruit people into our army either through kindness or with a bit of force. What they ultimately become is up to us. So, do you want your warrior to become a bloodsucker, just like you? It's all up to you. You can do it, but remember, there's no turning back. You'll change that person's life forever.

What does the game look like? Is it dark?

Absolutely. The graphics have been designed to evoke a strong vampire vibe. The premise was simple: it's meant to be a tribute to classic dark fantasy with a touch of horror. The overall design is quite well done. It can't be too beautiful, as it's a dark world meant to frighten and surprise. You can tell the creators are true horror movie fans.

Who are the creators?

Stunlock Studios is a Swedish game development studio that has been creating fantasy games since 2010. They have such titles under their belt as Battlerite Royale, Bloodline Champions, and Dead Island: Epidemic. As seen from their titles, the developers are adept at creating survival-themed atmospheres.


V Rising is a game that has garnered significant interest, not only among gaming communities and media but also among fans of vampire lore. One of its strengths is the wide range of language options it offers. Despite being in early access, players have begun creating their own servers, fostering a spectacular community. Addressing the question posed in the title: Are your neighbors a vampire? If they only come out at night, dislike sunlight, avoid garlic, and you often see them with red beverages, there's a good chance. And if they're playing V Rising, even more so!