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NFT and Metaverse Meet-up 2022

On May 26th Kinguin organized the NFT and Metaverse Meet-up 2022 together with their partners E-Chamber and Immutable. The event took place in Kinguin Esports Performance Center in Warsaw.

The event opened with a welcome speech from Justyna Skorupska, Member of E-Chamber Council and Robert Kalbarczyk, CEO at Kinguin. Following the opening speeches,  guests were treated to a series of presentations discussing new and emerging blockchain technologies led by Mateusz Mach, Director of NFT Marketplace at Kinguin and Marek Spadło, Brand Manager at Kinguin. The conversations outlined some unique observations and case studies illustrating how the digital world may look in the near, and distant, future. We also welcomed a special guest during the meet-up - Adoni Ioannou, Business Development Lead at Immutable. Immutable is the owner of Immutable X, the leading Layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs. Immutable X enables gas-free minting and trading, while not compromising the security of the most used blockchain globally for NFTs, Ethereum.

The NFT and Metaverse Meet-up was concluded with a panel discussion, during which our speakers provided answers to the questions below:

  • Why is it worth entering Metaverse and NFT in the near future?
  • How do you perceive Metaverse?
  • Is it too late to enter NFT/Metaverse?
  • Is the current situation affecting the crypto market temporary, or will it have a long-term impact?
  • What are the risks related to NFT/Metaverse?

If you are interested in seeing a full recap of the event, you can check out the short video below: