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Kinguin Esports Lounge supports ESI DIGITAL SUMMER 2020

On behalf of Kinguin Esports Lounge I must say that the whole team is excited to work and support Esports Insider team with its latest project dubbed as the ESI DIGITAL SUMMER 2020. We have decided to become the presenting partner of the event which is taking place online and within the span of 5 - incredible - days. Each day will be covering a different region of the world and the agenda is rich and comprehensive.

I personally believe that is the true future of conferencing as it is saves time to move around the world, makes the content truly accessible to anyone and anywhere at fraction of the cost required to be present physically. I am also confident that this event will become easily THE Esports business event of 2020. It’s simply a must go and I hope to meet as many of you as possible during these 5 days through the software used by ESI - Brella networking and matchmaking.

Viktor Wanli, Founder & CEO

  You can read the coverage here: https://esportsinsider.com/2020/08/esi-digital-summer-europe/