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Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling #3 Ryucon

It was an amazing afternoon spent with an extraordinary audience! Kinguin Prime Time Wrestling #3 Ryucon, which happened on 31st of July, was the biggest gala of the Polish pro wrestling federation in history! The show was a part of the RyuCon Japanese culture and pop culture festival, organized in Tauron Arena in Krakow, Poland. 

Pro wrestling is an extremely exciting discipline that stands on the border between sport and entertainment, a show that engages the audience in the fights of extraordinary, characteristic, charismatic characters, who fight with each other to the delight of fans. Pro wrestling is also an interactive series with a plot straight from the best action movies.

At this year's gala, fans could experience the incredible emotions accompanying as many as 7 duels of unmatched competitors not only from Poland, but also from distant corners of the world. You could watch both standard wrestling fights and some interesting, unusual duels.

Below are the results of the gala:

Axel Fox defeated Justin Joy

Robert Star defeated Syriusz Dziedzic

Sɪnɪster defeated Starboy Nano Lopez

Mike D. Vecchio defeated Marcel "Marcelito" Budzianowski

Pure Gold (Gabriel Queen & Vic Golden) defeated Disco Pablo & Diana Strong

Dawid Puncher Seńko defeated „Top Gun” Samson

Bad Bones defeated Taras