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Kinguin helps Pomeranian Hospice for Children

We are slowly approaching Christmas. This year has been particularly difficult for many of us. Therefore, empathy and a willingness to help others are needed more than ever.

#GiftChallenge is a charity action initiated by Polish influencers – Pasiek, Artur Sargsyan, Stifler and Blondino Latino. The general idea of the challenge is to make something good for other people and share it on social channels. Each of the participants nominee 3 additional people/companies to join the idea. We encourage you to do any form of help, such as shopping for an elderly neighbor, donating old toys to the orphanage, blankets or food to the shelter or masks for hospitals. It does not have to be anything spectacular, just a simple act of kindness. 

Kinguin was the first company, involved in this challenge. On December 3rd, our representatives visited the Pomeranian Hospice for Children, handing out gifts for children. “Dear friends, thank you very much for joining this wonderful campaign and supporting the Pomeranian Hospice for Children. Merry Christmas” – said Monika Bojarczuk, office manager from Pomeranian Hospice for Children

We would like to encourage everyone to provide non-material help or small gifts for the people in need. Don’t forget about the hashtag #GiftChallenge