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Kinguin Partners with Shufti Pro to integrate KYC solutions

Kinguin partners with IDV provider Shufti Pro to integrate KYC for it’s digital marketplace, taking another step towards becoming the world’s safest online gaming marketplace

The world’s first digital games marketplace, Kinguin, has partnered with global IDV provider Shufti Pro, which will see it integrate KYC in late 2022 for some purchases to further improve Kinguin’s industry leading fraud prevention record. Shufti Pro’s configurable KYC solution will ensure that Kinguin customers are able to seamlessly and safely purchase any of the thousands of digital products that the Kinguin Marketplace has to offer.

Kinguin has always prioritised customer safety when it comes to making purchases through their digital marketplace. Between September 2021, and August 2022, Kinguin was able to record one of its lowest fraud scores (0.14% on all purchases) since the marketplace opened in 2013, with gaming products registering at one of the lowest fraud rates in all purchase categories (0.06%). Kinguin has also been able to significantly increase customer satisfaction (4.4 Trustpilot score, with over 38 000 reviews), reduce the volume of necessary refunds (by 27%) and also lower its customer complaint ratio across all purchases (to 0.34%), where each complaint is reviewed by the Kinguin customer support team, to ensure each customer receives a proper solution. By integrating Shufti Pro as another security layer later this year, Kinguin is taking their customer security to the next level in an effort to become the safest gaming marketplace in the world.

Integrating Shufti Pro’s KYC solution into the Kinguin marketplace verifies the identity of customers in real-time during the purchasing process. The integration will increase safety for over 14 million Kinguin customers looking to buy any of the 95 000 unique digital products that can be found on the Kinguin Marketplace.

Shufti Pro will cater to the IDV needs of the Kinguin Marketplace and help Kinguin reduce fraud on specific purchases. By implementing this extra layer of security on certain items and goods, Kinguin will be able to build upon its industry leading track record when it comes to customer safety and fraud prevention.

Michał Figas, VP of Customer Service & Fraud Risk Management at Kinguin said: “We’re proud to have one of the lowest fraud rates of any gaming marketplace globally and we are always searching for new solutions to better improve the safety of our customers. Shufti Pro provided the most effective KYC solution, allowing us to streamline our customer’s experience on the Kinguin Marketplace, ensuring purchases are as secure and convenient as possible”.  

“We are pleased to be assisting Kinguin in its goal of delivering an intuitive digital experience for its customers,” stated Victor Fredung, CEO of Shufti Pro. “Through this partnership, Kinguin will seamlessly onboard and authenticate the identity of their customers, fulfil KYC requirements, scale the speed and accuracy of site-wide transactions”