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Kinguin starts the BLIK campaign targeted at video game fans

Kinguin, together with BLIK, one of the most popular payment systems in Poland, is launching an action targeted at video game fans. The campaign will be implemented in three main areas. The first is a competition that gives you the chance to become a streamer and sign an annual contract with the Almost F4mous platform, bringing together young internet creators. The second stage is a BLIK challenge bootcamp, which will take place at the Kinguin Esports Performance Center in Warsaw. On December 13, a promotion will start in which game fans will be able to receive attractive discounts by purchasing on the platform.

The joint action of Kinguin and BLIK started with the initiative “Become an AF4 streamer with BLIK and Kinguin”, which will last until December 13th. Currently, registration for the first stage of the competition is underway. Anyone wishing to become a streamer can apply to compete and sign a one-year contract with Almost F4mous (AF4).

10 finalists will be invited to the second stage of the competition. Each participant will receive a voucher worth PLN 200 for the purchase of games on the platform. Then, he/she will prepare a dedicated stream of the game of his/her choice, which will be assessed by the jury. The participants' task will also be to record an original video on the TikTok social platform, in which they will present in a creative way how to combine the world of gaming with fast, convenient, and secure payments guaranteed by BLIK.

The competition jury includes:

The second stage of the competition will select 4 finalists who will qualify for the third, final stage - the AF4 event in Warsaw. The event will take place on December 11 at the Kinguin Esports Performance Center. Unique competition attractions and the grand finale of the Streamer Competition, which will be hosted by one of the best gaming hosts in Poland - Filip "Testree" Mątowski, await the participants. During the event, we will talk about the project and its direction of development, and we will select a streamer who will sign an annual contract with Almost F4mous.

Part of the campaign aimed at game fans is also the "Bootcamp of challenges" with BLIK, taking place at the Kinguin Esports Performance Center in Warsaw. 14 streamers who are currently in the Almost F4mous platform are taking part in the action. Streamers were divided into two teams that compete daily in specially prepared tasks (gaming session, bowling, go-karts, drawing and many more). Those tasks are aimed at showing the benefits of payments made with BLIK, both in the e-commerce channel and transfers to the BLIK phone or the new BLIK functionality - contactless payments in stationary stores. For winning these competitions, participants will receive cash prizes, that they can use during the Bootcamp. It will be up to them to decide whether, thanks to the awards, Bootcamp will be full of additional attractions and pleasures. The entire challenge is streamed live on A4F influencer's Twitch channels and reported on their social media. Tracking the streams from the bootcamp is also an opportunity to learn about the functionality and opportunities offered using modern spaces of the Kinguin Esports Performance Center - a training center unique on a European scale for professional esports players.

In addition, during the daily AF4 streams, you will be able to win cash prizes worth PLN 100. These will be spontaneous actions for viewers who follow broadcasts of events.

From December 13, a nationwide Christmas promotion for the purchase of games with BLIK will start on the platform. The campaign will run for 3 weeks and will end on December 31st. During this time, people using BLIK payments will have a 10% discount code for any selected product. The number of codes is limited. The campaign will be supported on a large scale through Kinguin's, BLIK's own channels and individual Internet creators involved in the project.