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Thank you all for participating in the first Miss Kinguin 2014 competition!
It was a wonderfull event and we hope that we will be able to repeat it next year with even more rewards!

Miss Kinguin 2014

Marta "Masha" Raczynska, Poland

Won with: 12097 votes

Hello Fellows! I’m really grateful and thankful for all Your support. It won’t be possible if there won’t be my gorgeous friends and whole people I love. You are my Sword and Critical Strike bursting all round me. I will carry on that honorable title of Miss Kinguin. Remember, We all are the Winners! Cheers! Love Ya


Hello! My name is Marta. I'm recording some noob stuff for my Youtube channel & streaming <3. In meantime I'm making graphics.

My Favourite Games:

World of Warcraft is my boyfriend. I just love rpgs and mmorpgs :3 Can't wait for Wildstar!


  • DXRacer chair
  • Tesoro Kuven Angel A1 7.1
  • 400€ In Cash
  • GTA V - PS3 or XboxONE, Thief - PS4 or PS3 or Xbox360
  • Woman T-shirt

Congratulate a new Miss Kinguin 2014 on winning the competition!

Vice Miss Kinguin 2014

Lyla, Italy

Won with: 9889 votes


Hi! I'm Lyla!! I'm 24. I can't stop playing video games! They are my drugs since I was a little girl! I've got lots of games and collector and limited editions. I'm a cosplayer, I like books, Oasis and cats <3

My Favourite Games:

My favorite game ever is METAL GEAR SOLID, I think a true gamer must have played MGS in his life. MGS isn't a game, it's the game. It's philosophy, moral, life style. So I prefer stealth genre and adventure too.


  • DXRacer chair 50% Discount Coupon
  • Tesoro Gungnir H5
  • 100€ In Cash
  • Tomb Raider Definitive Edition PS4 or Xbox360
  • Woman T-shirt
She was selected receiving 12097 votes! Her profile has been displayed 196 times a day!
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