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Buy 2D Game Art Design and Animation Course Bundle Key

Buy 2D Game Art Design and Animation Course Bundle Key

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Learn to create all your 2D game assets with free softwares!

The Inkscape game art and animation bundle is the most popular online series dedicated to 2D game art creation with Inkscape.

If you are serious about making your own video games, then this is for you.

Get all game art 6 courses about Inkscape and DragonBones game design in 1 convenient super bundle! (more courses are coming!)

What is included in this bundle?

There are 6 courses about game asset design and animation:

  • The first course is teaching you all the basics I know about Inkscape for game design!
  • The second course is focusing on character design for 2D games!
  • The third course will teach you to animate your game characters using DragonBones (another great free software)!
  • The fourth one is all about Game UI: buttons, icons, and interfaces in different styles!
  • The fifth course is about game logo design to help you sell your game!

And with my latest course you will be able to create modular game art for faster and cheaper results!
These 6 courses would cost you $282 if bought separately! To get the bundle on the original page it would be $149!

Over 20 000 students have benefited from my Inkscape game design courses already, join me today!

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