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Buy Esc: From Planet Steam CD Key

Buy Esc: From Planet Steam CD Key

Region free
This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further.
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Release date: 20/12/2018

The unlucky traveler left literally for 5 minutes the ship on the planet of woolly beings, and has gone on a visit to the next system. Having returned through couple of tens of thousands years, haven't found the ship on the place - woolly beings during this time have strongly grown bald and have slightly grown wiser.
(it is necessary to tell that the ship has been intended for intergalactic flights and the engine radiated any bad waves - the mutations which have caused in natives).
The grown wiser natives have dragged and have hidden a find, and also by means of scrap and something else tried to crack the ship - but the security system has worked, and in a radius of 50 miles all live has undergone regress - the return evolution.

Classic style shooter with sci-fi elements and interactive environment. One level - one life. No savings. No any artificial restrictions of movement in location.
Shoot or die. No script's movie scenes and slomo. Day/night cycle.

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