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3.000.000 NeverWinter Online Astral Diamonds

3.000.000 NeverWinter Online Astral Diamonds
アドベンチャー RPG MMO
Region free
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3.000.000 NeverWinter Online Astral Diamonds

Platform:  PC
Release Date:    -



Product Description

Neverwinter, the Free2play MMORPG based on the popular Dungeons & Dragons RPG series, continues the story of the cult game series Neverwinter Nights and allows you to experience adventures with your friends and plenty of other players. Like in real life, you spend a lot of time in Neverwinter with earning riches – in several currencies.

The NW Astral Diamonds are an important currency in Neverwinter. According to the developers, every player should have the possibility to reach everything in the game – the astral diamonds are a vital key for that. With your NW Astral Diamonds, you can go shopping for equipment and in the auction house, or trade them for points to spend in the real money shop. To afford the best equipment in Neverwinter, you need more astral diamonds than those you get from quests.

You can buy NW Astral Diamonds and finally go on a shopping spree in Neverwinter. Afford the perfect equipment for your character! \

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