Crytek signs distribution agreement with

Kinguin has entered a distribution agreement with Crytek – one of the most renowned video game developers in the world and the makers of such hits as Far Cry and the Crysis series. The studio has started directly selling their games on the platform, making use of the option to freely set prices and earn more on each sale. Ryse: Son of Rome is already available on the platform, and the long-awaited Hunt: Showdown was released in Early Access. The next game to come will be the VR-tailored Robinson.  

Crytek, active in the industry since 1999, is known as the creator of groundbreaking, technologically advanced video games. The company has been globally successful with their own releases, but also as the maker of the popular video game engine CRYENGINE, which revolutionized video game development in 2002 by merging fluid gameplay with ultra realistic hi-res graphics. CRYENGINE went on to set the standards for the whole video game industry and allow the creation of some of the biggest titles across the world. The new engine has been utilized by such prestigious publishers as 2K Games (Evolve), Bethesda Softworks (Prey) or Warhorse Studios (Kingdom Come: Deliverance).

For Kinguin, the cooperation with Crytek opens a new chapter in the progress of game trading development. Crytek is the first among the world's largest game developers to sell their games directly on This decision brings the opportunity to single-handedly control one’s own pricing policy, make profits without middlemen and interact with a 6.5 million-strong community of Kinguin users.

The first game offered by Crytek on Kinguin is Ryse: Son of Rome. The second one is Hunt: Showdown, a long-awaited first person shooter, available in Early Access. The third Crytek game to become available on Kinguin is Robinson: The Journey – an exploration-focused experience with advanced graphics, created for the fans of Virtual Reality.

The decision of Crytek, a company so meritorious for the development of the gaming industry, to offer their games on, opens a new chapter of development of our trading platform. It epitomizes our efforts towards creating a friendly market for both consumers and video game creators. Crytek’s participation confirms that we have achieved our goal and our door is open for other large-scale developers.

Together we prepared the premiere of the anticipated Hunt: Showdown. Thanks to the courtesy of the producer, our community of over 6.5 million gamers have a chance to join exclusive Early Access playtests before the official release. Feedback gathered during the period can be used by the developer to refine the final version of the game before introducing it to the market. We are doing our best to create a friendly environment for developers and we are open for future partnerships.

Viktor Wanli, Founder & CEO Kinguin