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Closers - Ace Closer Bundle DLC Digital Download CD Key

Closers - Ace Closer Bundle DLC Digital Download CD Key
Azione Giochi di Ruolo Fighting Anime
Region free
English Korean
Data di rilascio: 19 Dec, 2017
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Requires the base game Closers on PC in order to play. Base game is free to play.
Only one such code can be used per account!
  • Descrizione
  • Requisiti di Sistema
  • Dettagli di Attivazione


  • 4 costume sets
    • Dark Command Costume (for Black Lambs Team)
    • Ash Sweater Club Costume (Black Lambs Only)
    • Ivory Icon Costume (Black Lambs Only)
    • Tan Sweater Club Costume (Black Lambs Only)
  • Monster Cat pet to help you on your journey through the war-torn streets of New Seoul!
  • 180 Days Elite Status which includes:
    • skill self training,
    • device enhancement,
    • 1 additional sector entry,
    • extra EXP rewards,
    • extra Credit rewards,
    • extra drops,
    • elite titles,
    • exclusive pets,
    • elite chat bubbles
    • access to the Special Reward slot at the end of sectors (which rewards an SS-level item)!
  • 10,000 EMP (Premium Currency)
  • Phase Wings - Magnificent Glowing Wings in an Exclusive Color
  • 10 Mystery Boxes, each containing a random costume, accessory, or other useful consumables!
  • Founder's Title to let everyone know that you got in on the ground floor.

Time to call the Closers!

Terrifying interdimensional aliens ravage the streets. Only this special group of teens can beat them back and seal the gates! The world government has recruited these powerful psychic teens for an experimental, elite team. Join them in the fight to take back our world!

A modern take on classic gameplay

Closers is an episodic anime action RPG with a truly epic storyline that unfolds over several seasons, and wild beat-’em-up action set in the beleaguered city of New Seoul. Get to know the team’s personalities, and battle jaw-dropping monsters in classic arcade style!

A world in danger

Years ago, interdimensional monsters invaded the world and destroyed whole cities. Luckily, the ‘Phase energy’ emitted by their gates granted certain special humans psychic powers. Sadly, the First Dimensional War was only a precursor. Since conventional weapons have little effect, it’ll take a new generation of Closers to fight the invaders.

The black lambs are yours!

Join the Black Lambs and make them your perfect team. Improve their skills, gather the strongest weapons, and outfit their headquarters with state-of-the-art equipment designed to savagely beat back the invaders. Will the Closers learn to work together in time?



  • OS: Windows 7
  • CPU: Intel/AMD Dual Core
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Graphics: Geforce 7600
  • DirectX: DirectX 9.0
  • HDD: At least 5GB of free space
  • Additional: A Broadband Internet connection is required to play

Attivatione della Chiave digitale

  1. If you don’t already have one, sign up for an En Masse account at
  2. Download the En Masse  launcher at
  3. Install and run the launcher and sign in with your En Masse account.
  4. Select the Closers tab and click on the “Redeem a Code” button.
  5. Enter your code and click the “Submit” button.

Unable to activate even after following the steps above?

Report a problem!

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