Xbox One announced! Are you interested in console gaming?

Are you interested in newest Microsoft console? Are you interested in console gaming at all? Or PC FTW for ever?! Let us know!


The console was revealed by Microsoft’s Don Mattrick at the event. He took to the stage to announce the console at the event, and discussed the evolution of the living room, the power of voice and gesture and the importance of Xbox Live. He asked how Microsoft can take what we love and make it better, and suggested that harmonising the fragmented facets of entertainment is the way forward.

He said the concept must be simple and complete, giving you everything you need in one unit. It’s cloud-powered, and looks very stylish.

It’s going to be voice activated, and can connect to all of your home devices. There is Kinect-style voice commands, no manual log-in and no delay between turning the unit on and logging it.

It also remembers the last thing you were doing – be it playing a game, watching a movie or listening to music. It also does away with the need of changing TV inputs to watch television. By saying ‘Xbox, watch TV’ you can watch your telly instantly.

Switching between Internet Explorer, TV, music and games will be controlled by voice and will be as fast as switching channels on your TV remote. There is also motion gestures such as grabbing, panning, swiping and more.

By using the new ‘Snap’ function you can pin windows to the home menu to keep on watching a movie while you do other things, such as search for related content, or browse the internet.

TV guides are a big part of the console, with live channel guides that are fully controlled using voice. You can call up channels like HBO just by saying ‘What’s on HBO’, ‘Watch CBS’, or ‘Show the guide’ so seamlessly flick between them.