A New Titanfall Patch Update

Respawn have announced that a new Titanfall patch is live. The patch adds a new Private Match mode (still in Beta), as well as other new features, game balance changes and bug fixes.

It seems that the developers pay attention on gamers' needs and are really working hard on improving their experience, as they have announced earlier moreover they uncovered their plans for future improvements of the game, including:

• More Custom Loadout Slots with Custom Slots per Game Mode
• Ability to rename Custom Loadout Slots
• Last Game Summary shows the scoreboard from the previous match
• Additional customization options in Private Match
• Better 120hz monitor support
• Pick-up prompt for dropped Amped weapons appear in a different color than for normal weapons

Also they are looking forward for more opinions and suggestions for improvements.

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What else would you like to be implemented in the game by the developers?