The Witcher 2 Giveaway!

Let me get this out of the way, I LOVE The Witcher series. It is one of my most favourite in the whole of gaming, I love the anti-hero protagonist in Geralt, the way he goes about his business is just beautiful. All the characters in The Witcher are fleshed out and you love their banter, hate their guts or don’t trust them as far as you can throw them.

The Witcher 2 creates this world of politics that is deeply engrossing and rather representative of ours in the real world, I would say there is a slight satirical twang to some of the game and that is just another reason to fall in love with it. Then there is the sort of xenophobia thrown at Geralt for being a Witcher there are slurs given to him every so often while walking around a town. A nice touch that really helps enhance the atmosphere and it is all these little touches that make The Witcher series one of the best in gaming at the moment.

Not to mention the game saves all rollover to each game, so make sure you have completed The Witcher 2 by the time the sequel comes out!

Now onto the important stuff how can you win this amazing game? Well it is simple! All you need to do is:

It is as simple as that!

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So make sure you complete those 3 steps above to win! 

Congratulations Mateusz Zajonc Lach! Please contact us via Facebook message for your reward!